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Medical Health (2011)

Nature of Hospital Total Number
Medical College 1
Civil Hospital 1
Community Health Centre 7
P.H.C including M.C.H. 20
Mini PHC 20
Dispensary 8
T.B. Chest Clinic centre 2
Leprosy centre 1
Sub-Centre 264
Subsidiary Health Centre 2


Public Health:

Water Supply (2011)

Town served with piped water supply 06 Nos.
Nature of Scheme Type of Supply Numbers
General Scheme (ARP) Marked -II/III Hand Pump 255
Tara Hand Pump 129
TSP Scheme Hand Tube well 27
Tara Hand Pump 04
SCCP Scheme Hand Tube well       42
MNP Hand Tube Well 28
Water Supply Scheme Total   27833 (including Rural Piped water Supply Scheme)